Stylish Ways to Add Extra Storage to Your Home

Imagine having a home where everything has a place and you know exactly where it is, when you need it. Whether you are a naturally organized person or a bit on the disorganized side, with the right storage pieces this dream can become a reality.

Most people think of large plastic storage bins when they think about storage, but these need to be stored away and are not useful around the home. Make the most of your space with beautiful home furnishings that are not only stylish, but also functional.

A rolling cart with multiple drawers is a great storage solution for any room in the house. Use it in the kitchen to store fruit and other snacks, in the spare room to store craft supplies, in the kid’s room to store toys. The possibilities are endless with this versatile storage piece.

The OSP Designs Garret Rolling Cart is a tasteful storage option that doubles as a side table where ever you may need it. The mesh wire drawers make it easy for you to know what’s inside at a glance, so you can find just what you are looking for.

Stylish Ways to Add Extra Storage to Your Home


A storage ottoman is another multipurpose storage piece that works in multiple rooms of the house. Easily tuck away blankets, pillows, magazines, books, and other items to create a sleek and minimal look in your living room, bedroom or where ever you might need it. This easy storage piece doubles as a bench or table (with the addition of a tray or other hard surface) making it as useful as it is practical.

The Ave Six Hourglass Storage Ottoman and Sahara 39” Tufted Storage Ottoman are two fashionable options that come in multiple fabric options to match a variety of home decor.

Stylish Ways to Add Extra Storage to Your Home





Between the DVD player, cable box, video game console, and the movies and games, the home entertainment center can be such a mess. With two cabinets and shelves as well as a pull out drawer the 54” Claremont TV Stand will get you organized and conceal the chaos. Take back your living room and make it a relaxing space once again.

Stylish Ways to Add Extra Storage to Your Home



Every home office needs a bookshelf and a filing cabinet to organize and store important papers, books and mementos. Get a sleek, contemporary look for your office with the Prado Collection from OSP Designs. The simple black or white finish blends well with a variety of decor, making it easy for you to create an inspiring work space for maximum creativity.

Stylish Ways to Add Extra Storage to Your Home



The front entry (or the back entry in some homes) is the hub of the house. If you don’t have a closet right off the door; where do you store your jackets, kid’s backpacks, shoes and other items when you come home? It can be a hassle to drag everything across the house, just to have to go find it all when you leave again. The OSP Designs Storage Hall Tree Bench is the answer to the entry way dilemma. Hang up your jacket (or tuck it away during the summer months), store the kid’s school and sports bags, or stash away your umbrella for those rainy days. Your equipment will always be ready when you need it. Plus the mirror on top allows for one last check before you run out the door in the morning.

Stylish Ways to Add Extra Storage to Your Home



Want something a little more compact, but still functional for your entry. Why not try the OSP Designs X-Back Entry Way Bench? This versatile storage solution doubles as seating, where you can sit down to unlace your shoes, and storage, where you tuck them away when not in use. This bench is also perfect for kids play room storage, kitchen storage, or as a place to hide away seasonal decor when not in use. The combination of seating and storage makes this bench ideal for a variety of uses in the home.

Stylish Ways to Add Extra Storage to Your Home



What are some of your favorite ways to discretely add extra storage to your home? Let us know in the comments below.

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