How to Choose the Perfect Bar Stool

If your kitchen design features an island layout or peninsula layout, you know all too well the importance of finding the perfect bar stools for your kitchen space. Kitchen seating can add warmth and character to an otherwise utilitarian space. However, it can also make a space look dated and out of place when the wrong seating is used.

Ready to give your kitchen a simple upgrade? New bar stools might be just the thing you need for an affordable kitchen makeover.

When purchasing a new set of bar stools one of first things to consider is the height of the bar stool. There are two height classifications when it comes to bar stools, counter height and bar height.

Counter height stools range from 24” to 29” and are best for counter tops between 34” and 39”. While bar height stools can range from 30” to 36” and are best for counter tops in the 40” and 46” range.  To determine the right height bar stool for your kitchen measure from the floor to the underside of your counter top and subtract 10” from this number. For example if your kitchen island is 40 inches, than a 30 inch bar stool would be ideal.

Find the perfect size bar stool for your kitchen with our Bar Stool Height Guide. @officestarprod


There are a few other points to consider as you begin your search for the perfect kitchen bar stool.

Comfort. If you or your guests will be sitting on the bar stools quite often, you may want to consider a model with a cushion seat and a backrest for maximum comfort.

A dreamy kitchen design featuring turquoise tiles & white cabinetry. The white bar stools with wood legs  blend seamlessly with the white counter top and wood flooring.Letting the bold blue tile be the focal point, this kitchen design utilizes white bar stools with wood legs that blend seamlessly with the white counter top and wood flooring. The plush seat cushion and back rest offer comfort and support for extended periods of sitting. Source: House of Turquoise


Design. What is your home decor style? You don’t want your new bar stools to clash with your existing furnishings. Does your home have a modern farmhouse theme? A rustic metal bar stool might be best, while a modern minimalist style home might look best with a mid-century modern bar stool.

Industrial Farmhouse Kitchen with wood and metal bar swivel barstools.Classic wood and metal swivel bar stools are a perfect fit for this industrial farmhouse kitchen. Source: Ella Claire


Durability. The kitchen is a high traffic area in most homes, especially when you add little ones into the mix. Choose a material that will be easy to clean for those occasional spills.

A traditional option in bar stool seating. The OSP Designs Metro bar stool is easy to keep clean in busy kitchens. @officestarprodFaux leather is ideal for busy kitchens and is easier to keep clean than woven fabrics. Try the Metro Swivel Barstool by OSP® Designs to infuse your kitchen with old world style, while allowing for effortless clean up.


Scale. Small kitchens require smaller bar stools than a larger kitchen would. A backless stool that slides under the counter top is a space saving idea for the kitchen. While bar stools with backs and arm rests require much more real estate at the counter top.

A cozy coastal cottage kitchen with classic white metal bar stools for the kitchen peninsula.Simple white metal bar stools provide contrast to the blue shiplap peninsula in this cozy kitchen. The compact shape makes it easy to tuck them away under the counter top giving the illusion of more space. Source: The Happy Housie


Affordable bar stools for the farmhouse kitchen. @officestarprod

  1. OSP Designs 26” Metal Barstool or 30” Metal Barstool with Ashwood Seat
  2. OSP Designs Indio 30” Metal Stools
  3. OSP Designs Eastvale Backless Metal Barstool
  4. OSP Designs New Castle 26” Metal Barstool
  5. OSP Designs Hammond 26” Barstool or 30” Barstool with Lightwood seat
  6. OSP Designs 26” White Metal Barstool or 30” White Metal Barstool with Vintage Wood Seat


Affordable bar stools for the kitchen. @officestarprod

  1. Avenue Six Kate 24” Counter Stool
  2. OSP Designs 24” Swivel Bar Stool or 30” Swivel Bar Stool
  3. OSP Designs 24” Saddle Stool or 29” Saddle Stool with Nail Head Accents
  4. OSP Designs 24” Cosmo or 30” Cosmo Swivel Metal Bar Stool
  5. OSP Designs Jamestown Barstools


What is your bar stool style? Let us know what type of bar stools tickle your fancy in the comments below.

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