Fight Like A Girl, Fight For A Cure

October is breast cancer awareness month which affords us an opportunity to reach out and support those near and dear to us.

This very day, in offices, in boardrooms, in our neighborhoods, and in our homes the ranks most dear to us; mothers, daughters, friends, wives and colleagues are holding the night sentry and raising the morning with the personal battle of a lifetime.

The invader? Breast cancer.

This month, those with this very personal fight are enlisting the helping hands of many.

Hands folded in laps, gently listening to the war stories and scars held closely to the heart.

Arms outstretched to offer a strengthening embrace, hand squeezing hand in solidarity against an enemy. Hands, many hands, willing to contribute time, creativity and resources to show those fighting strong that they are not fighting alone.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation gives each and every one of us a greater opportunity to individually and collectively organize, contribute and reflect on ways we can stand up for a cause that needs our help. This month NBCF heightens awareness, encourages discussions and urges women to take the time for regular breast examinations and mammograms that can save lives.

This October, let’s be fully aware. How can we show our support?

Visit to see how NBCF is offering support locally, nationally and internationally. Together we can win the battle against breast cancer.

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