Fall Interior Updates

There’s no better time for an interior upgrade than the fall season. The decor transformation offers plenty of choices to choose from. For a trendy season, color and style leave the biggest impact on presentation. Hopefully these neat ideas will give you some inspiration.

Colors and Bright Accents

Color is a backbone to many living spaces. White and cream contrast with solid colors to provide bright accents. Orange and brown are popular color choices for the fall season. Mix accessories like rugs and pillows together, and you’ll have a living room as colorful as new fall leaves.

Bright Accents.jpgPhoto by Eve Wilson –  The Design Files

This picture highlights the simplicity of color combinations. Making a room synchronize with the environment is what makes this trend so interesting.


Many types of textures are in fashion during the fall. Velvet fabric is a popular choice for living rooms as it blends naturally with most designs. Faux leather has given insight on a cozier home with fur coats on couches and chairs. One idea that exceeds others; however, is woven textures being employed in the most creative ways.

11-7-2017 9-57-45 AM.jpg Photo by Decorilla

The unconventional use of woven baskets as lights or hanging items creates appeal and interest. These details are meant to attract your attention and establish space.

Cork Wall

Another notable piece of fall decor is the simplicity of cork walls. Originally incorporated in office spaces, these walls have gained newfound popularity in home design. Perfect for pinning items and giving your wall a heightened sense of depth. The smooth textures blend well with white backgrounds.

11-3-2017 11-13-56 AMPhoto by Decorilla

Farmhouse Style

The growing trend of the farmhouse style fits perfectly with fall decor. In relation to our previous article, country inspiration takes a shot at interior design with modern flair. What’s constitutes the farmhouse style? Well, think of rustic and wood elements combined with neutral clean backgrounds. Old-fashioned decor with sleek sophistication is the vision of this style. The examples below should explain this.

11-7-2017 2-58-25 PM.jpgPhoto by Magnolia Market
11-7-2017 3-39-01 PM.jpgPhoto by 99 Architecture

Notice how well these elements blend together? The feeling of country style living is cultivated within these modern settings. Space is evenly distributed with attention for aesthetics. One of the most universal themes for these fall trends is the ability to blend uncommon decor into clever, simplistic designs.

Where Do We Fit In?

Here at Office Star Products, our styles are perfect for whatever fall upgrades you’re looking for. We hope our quality products help innovate your interior design choices.  Take a look at our brand offerings below.

11-7-2017 4-26-44 PM.jpg

The colorful Bristow chairs from OSP Designs are certain to liven up any room for the fall.

11-7-2017 4-45-45 PM.jpg

Our rustic Meadowlark Collection from Curia & Co creates the farmhouse vibe with cozy, ample proportions. Comfort and casual livability is a guarantee.

You can learn more about each brand from our website.

How are you decorating your home for the fall? Let us know in the comments below.



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